Backuping Full / Differential Enterprise Vault

Hello to all,

I'm learning about backuping of Enterprise Vault (8 or higger) by Backup Exec (12,5 or higger), and I'm experiencing some issues.

I've readed the BE documentation and it says that a full backup will do a full backup of all SQL Databases, and a differential backup will do a full backup for some databases (i.e. Directory) and a diferential backup for other (i.e. VaulStore).

If i'm not mistaken, a full backup should trucante de transaction logs in de databases? And really, BE uses the SQL agent for backup de EV Databases, and it trucante's the transaction logs in a SQL full backup..

In the other hand, what backup strategy do you recomend? (basics).

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Doing a database backup of a

Doing a database backup of a SQL database does not truncate the transaction logs.  You have to run a seperate job to backup the logs to truncate them.


Hi PKH,   I'm tried to run a



I'm tried to run a separate backup (a SQL job). But I can't select any databases. I supose that it happens because I don't have license for SQL Agent.

Now the backup strategy that I'm using is a Full EV backup Weekly (at Mondays) and a Differential EV backup from Tu-to-Fry. I tried to run a SQL Maitenance Plan, that backups the DB's and Transaction logs to disk, and afte truncks it. It works fine, but when I run after de differential backup of EV with Backup Exec, it fails because says that the last backup of the SQL databases was not did with an BE Agent.

The problem is that the transaction logs are growing too much ( 10 to 20 Gb) and the SQL disk not have space (10 or less Mb).



Backup exec does not truncate

Backup exec does not truncate the logs in SQL it just marks it for trucation and the actual truncation happends when you run the maintainance of the databases.


Incremental backup not a full or differential backup

If you run a incremental backup not a full or differential backup it should truncate the logs according to theBackup Exec 2010 administrator’s guide.


@Pieter: Then, if I run

@Pieter: Then, if I run incremental backups, should I configure the SQL DB's in full o simple recovery model. And other question is, how much space reclaim when it trucante the logs?




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refer the following document

After performing a SQL Log file backups, the Transaction Log file does not appear to get truncated and the file size does not decrease


You should not change the

You should not change the recovery mode without checking with the application owner.  Changing the recovery mode to simple means that you cannot do poin-in-time restore of the database.


@ PHK, a point-in-time, means

@ PHK, a point-in-time, means the possibility of restore the DB's like incremental backups with Backup Exec or with SQL tools?

@RahulG, Thanks for the Kb's. There is a lot of important information for me. But I'm now have new asnwers. Following the second KB, is the next backup strategy correct?

- Do a full backup once a week (i.e Friday), with Backup Exec (it will not truncks the transaction logs). After the full BE backup, execute a Srhink job (scheduled in SQL Manager).

- Do a differential backup from Monday to Thursday with BE (it will no truncks the transaction logs). A differential backup of EV, do full backup method in the SQL DB's and differential backup in files of VS's. After the BE differential backup, execute a Shrink job (scheduled in SQL Manager).


Thanks guys!!




No. Point-in-time restore

No. Point-in-time restore means that you use the transaction logs to restore the databases to a specific point in time.


Differential backup does not

Differential backup does not truncate the log , to get the logs truncated you need to perform full bakup or Log backup


Hello,Regarding de EV


Regarding de EV backuping with Backup Exec. My problem is that I have amount of data archived yet (like 1 TB) and i can't do a full backup daily. Then, can I do the next strategy backup:

- 1 week full backup for all the site (VS's, SQL etc)

- 1 daily differential backup for only de VS's (files)

-  After daily diff VS backup, 1 daily complete backp for only de SQL Databases (previouly I will change de restore property from Full to Simple in the SQL administrator). With this option de full backup will truncate automatically de Transaction logs.

In a disaster recovery, I can recovery in a point at time whit de full DB backup and the differential VS's files backup.

Then, this is all de DB's that I can see throug de BE console agent. There is any DB more to backup?


You can set therecovery model

You can set therecovery model to Simple so you dont need to worry about the Transaction log file size