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Backups failing with license violation

Level 3

(This is actually on Windows Server 2022 Standard Edition, but that option isn't available in the OS dropdown)

I used the migration tool to move from my Server 2019 BE 21.0 to a new Server 2022 running BE 22.0.  I added all my entitlements (1 BE entitlement and 2 remote agent for windows entitlements). They show up properly on the server (all 3 products, and all 3 active maintenance agreements).

My backups migrated fine, but ever time it tries to backup the 2 remote windows machines it gives a license violation:

A Agent for Windows license is required for protecting remote servers with this edition of Backup Exec.
Please contact your vendor for information on protecting remote servers with this edition of Backup Exec.

These all worked fine on the old server running BE 21. 

I have pushed out RAWS agents to the remote machines so those are up to date. I've also tried removing and adding back the entitlements (which required restarting all the services on the server machine). Still fail with the same errors.



Have you logged onto the Veritas Portal and downloaded new licenses for BE22? You cannot use the BE21 licenses on BE22.

For more information (lots..!) checkout the following licensing links:  -  Backup Exec Licensing Links  -  A streamlined licensing experience for Veritas software  -  Veritas Backup Exec™ 22.0 Licensing Guide  -  Steps to download the Backup Exec Licenses, Installation Files, Updates, Feature Pack, Service Pack, Hotfix and Patches within VEMS

I'd probably recommend you start with the last one on the list (in bold), which just happens to be the top one shown on the "BE Licensing Links" document. Enjoy!

Level 3

i'll give this a try -- for some reason I thought that entering the entitlement number and then giving my veritas credentials during setup would download the licenses (the progress dialog even said "downloading licenses"). I'll try removing and adding the licenses directly from files.

Level 3

interesting. according to the licensing portal, the entitlement has had 10 keys generated for it (now 11 with my manual generation). 5 of those have no product version associated with them (presumably these were the ones generated during the BE22 setup process). The oldest 5 were all from in-product activation from BE21.

in any case, when I went to remove the entitlements in setup (so I could add them), I had to go through the whole setup in order to remove them (it wouldn't let me add the license file with the entitlement already added). So I removed the entitlement for the 2 RAWS and clicked next. At that screen I was asked how many of my RAWS licenses I wanted to apply (this is the first I have seen the RAWS licenses listed on this page...not sure why *removing* them prompted them to finally be listed). Advancing through setup at this point restarted the backup server and didn't remove the RAWS licenses (again, even though I removed them).

BUT it all works now. 

So for anyone reading this years from now, the important thing is to make sure you get the RAWS licenses listed on the "licenses you want to apply" page (its the page you get to after clicking Next on the entitlements page). If you don't see RAWS here, you will have sadness. Try removing them completely, go through setup (restarting the server), then generate the license keys manually (using the links above), download the SLF file, and import each license manually. Some combination will kick things into working.