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Backups in AWS S3 bucket not being deleted or overwritten

Level 3


Sorry but im struggling with this and could use some advice if anyone can help?

I have five servers in AWS all of which use backup exec 16 to backup to a single S3 bucket. Each backup job is configured to be kept for one week.

The problem is, it seems all the data is being kept, I now have an S3 bucket that is 25 TB in size and growing each day where if it was only keeping one weeks worth of backups it shouldnt be much more than  1 or 2 TB. Shouldnt Backcup Exec be deleting or overwriting backup data that is over one week old?





Level 3

OK ive just run a command using AWS CLI to find the current size of the S3 Bucket and it is actually 2.8 TB. So it does look like BE 16 is doing what it is supposed to.


But in Backup Exec 16 it says cloud storage is currently at 25.7 TB


Im a bit confused as to why BE 16 isnt stating the correct size of the S3 Bucket but perhaps I misunderstand somthing?


This could be there are orphan entries for backup sets left in Backup Exec console.

Are you aware of any dedup or open dedup option enabled for backups?