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Backups take multiple days to complete

Recently the backup jobs are taking multiple days to complete. Previously they would take overnight. Any ideas as to why this is?

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Hello there,     Please

Hello there,
    Please check the Job log of the completed backup job (recent one) and compare it with the older job lkog which was taking less time. This will give you the data like which resource is taking longer time to backup now. Ones we know the data we can isolate further.


Has anything changed in your

Has anything changed in your setup? Has the size of the backup increased?

Review the job log details for one of the jobs that is taking longer time and compare it with the sae job when it was running overnight.

What you need to specifically look for is the job rate, bytes backed up and time take for every resource. Once you have pin pointed what resource/s is slowing the job down, it would be easier to troubleshoot.

Have you checked your last

Have you checked your last backup size?    also check your job rate..

Most of this cause Data size is increased or job running with low rate...



...any SPECIFIC reason for

...any SPECIFIC reason for repeating what people before you have done a couple of days ago?


Yes CraigV...   Bcoz of the

Yes CraigV...   Bcoz of the size & Network transfer rate it will take more time...  We need a confirmation from poster....

backups going to tape or disk

Hello z, Please tell us if data is being backed up to disk or tape ....if tape... it could be possible that backups are completing however they are stuck for an alert to be responded for eject media....please check alerts both active nd history....if there is an alert causing it please configure the same to be responded in min or 2 backups should be on track then...this would apply to disk cartridge aswell I.e. removable backup to disk folder... Please mark this as solution if this resolves the issue...

So after extensive research

So after extensive research the backup size is just about the same, there is no real gap here. The job rate is the difference maker. On a good backup the job rate is at 589.00 MB/min on the bad ones its at about 230.00 MB/min. This is for a daily differential. I have noticed there are system states running. Should that be running?

do you have any anti virus

do you have any anti virus installed on the servers ??



Please refer to the

Please refer to the article

set the exclusions for backup exec directories and services

than retry with the job, another thing you do is turn of real time scanner and than run a backup job to confirm its not antivirus causing the same issue.

I set the exclusions for

I set the exclusions for backup exec directory and services. How do I turn off real time scanner?

Check if this helps. If not,

Check if this helps. If not, better to ask this on Antivirus forums for ESET

Hi,    try the below


   try the below procedure if you are using ESET NOD32 V4...


  • Double click on the system tray icon: on the bottom right hand corner.
  • Select Disable real-time file system protection.
  • A popup will ask "Are you sure you want to"
  • Click "Yes" to disable the Antivirus guard.