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Backupt-to-Disk Duplicate?

Level 3
We have a backup-to-disk job for PST files (all other backups are onto tapes) and I see something concerns me.
When I check the disk where the backup is done to, I see about 12 .bkf's there. all about the same size and only 2-5 minutes apart from eac other. This seems to be done on the same backup job. Is this is the why it's supposed to be? If not, how do I fix it? If so, why does it divide the backup files into so many .bkf's??

Level 6
The amount of bkf files a B2D job creates depends on the settings for that B2D device. The default size of a bkf file is 1GByte. So if your job backup 5GByte of data you will see 5 seperate bkf files. If you raise the 'Maximum size for Backup-to-disk files" to 10GByte you will only see one bkf file because the 5GByte fits into the 10GByte bkf file. If on the otherhand the data grows to 15GByte you will see one 10GByte bkf file and one smaller file.

The reason the creation dates are 2-5 minutes apart is because BE needs that time to mount the B2D device. So if you would increase the B2D size to 20GByte BE only needs to mount the device once which might decrease your backup time.


Level 6

Please refer the following technote:

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