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Battlecard BE against ArcServe

Level 1

Hi everyone.

I'm looking for a battlecard between BE vs Arcserve. So, can you help me please?



Level 6
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Veritas will never publish battlecards in a public forum. 
You will need to contact Veritas via your local reseller.

My 2c about battlecards:
They are extremely subjective and most of the time old and not relevant to latest software versions.

Best to do your own investigations - download latest datasheets for the 2 products that you want to compare. 
Look at the features of each product. Compare with your own environment - which product fulfills all of your requirements? 

Next, look at licensing options - which product has the most comprehensive and flexible licensing options? 

You can look at product comparisons on the internet  - users share their own experience, what they like and what they dislike about each product.
Just type in Google 'Backup Exec vs Arcserve'.

Look at Gartner and other industry-leading reviews.