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Beckup exec 15 and sql server 2008 enterprise

Level 3

i have a problem with Backup exec when i try to backup a server sql 2008 enterprise with agent, the process is too slow, different instead with the old version of symantec backup where the same job is too fast with the same setting

my windows version is windows server 2012 data center, both are upgrade at the last version

my version of backup exec 15 version 14.2 rev.1180 (64bit)


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Hello llv,

     How is the backup of other files and folders from that remote SQL server? Does that complete with good speed? Is the issue with only SQL databases or overall with that remote server?

If the files & folder backups are also slow then you may try to copy-past some 20-30 GB data from SQL server to Backup Exec server over the same network and check how much time it takes. If that is not normal then possibility is that there is network congestion.