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Bent 2012: Overwrite weekly tape - how to set overwrite protecion in jobs?

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I have several jobs for backing up my servers (backup to disk, then duplication to tape). I've setup the full backup to use a "weekly" media set - and I want to overwrite this tape with the current backups.

How do I configure the overwrite protection in my jobs?? Set all to "Overwrite" (or will the second job overwrite the first jobs data?)??




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You haven't mentioned about your data retension policy. How long you need to retain data.

Assuming weekly rotation of tapes, you may configure media set with 6 days of overwrite protection.

So the tapes used on Monday will be overwriten on next Monday and so on.

For backups targeted to tape configure jobs to "Append, else overwrite if no appendable media 

available". Configure backups to overwrite if the jobs are targeted to disk.

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But the issue isn't the start of the first job, it's the subsequent backups after that. In other words, I have 5 servers, right? So now in essence I have 5 backup jobs. So the first one fires off and uses the media I have in Scratch which then moves that media into my backup media set. So now the tape has the media set properties applied to it? Right?

So if you have overwrite protection for 6 days, that is good. Append period is set to 6 days so append can happen at any time in next 6 days, or so I think. But the next server starts to backup and it grabs another tape in the media set. The autoloader has 11 tapes loaded and the 5 servers, even though all of the data will fit onto one tape, grab 3 different tapes to do their various backups.  I'm trying to figure out how that is possible when the overwrite protection should prevent that.

More simlpy what should the settings be for tape media in an autoloader when the backup fits on fewer tapes than the autoloader holds?

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Sounds like all the jobs were created as Overwrite Jobs

Edit each subsequent job and verify/change so they are all Append jobs

or possibly they were targeted to different media sets, but that is much less likely

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Just like in BE 2010, you can configure a media set with the OPP and AP that you want.  When you target the tape, just specify that you want to use this media set.  In your job property, you can also specify whether you want to overwrite or append the tape.

Hit the BE button and go to BE setting and configuration.  Change the global option to use recycleable media before scratch.