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Best Practice: Backup and regular tape retrieval of up large static (video) files

The backup scenario is multiple work disks to dedupe disk, then to tape.

The problem is that there is not enough disk space (work or dedupe) for all the large static (video) files.

Therefore I need a solution to delete files from disk (to make space) while remembering their tape counterparts for future restoring.

The solution requires that restored files (from tape set) do not get re-backed up (duplicated) to same tape set.

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Seeing as how dedupe does

Seeing as how dedupe does NOTHING for multimedia files like video or audio, 

Could you perhaps reorg your data so that backups of multimedia files go directly to tape, and all else to the dedupe folder?

Or perhaps it's an archive backup job that you want to have done?  

Media files are special?

Media files are special? smiley

Thanks and that's fine but let me rephrase my issue slightly.

Irregardless of source directory, is there a backup option to not backup files again that have the same name, date and size?

I currently use Retrospect (a bit flaky) which has the option.

is there a backup option to

is there a backup option to not backup files again that have the same name, date and size?

Yes. You can use incremental backups which will backup only those files that were changed since the last full or incremental backup.

Irregardless of source

"incremental backup" sad

Irregardless of source directory?

Irregardless if already on tape (anywhere)?

Normally before doing an

Normally before doing an incremental backup, one would do a full backup of the source data and then use the SAME selection list to do further incremental backups of the same source data.

The Admin Guide has a section which deals with incremental backups and its implications with respect to restoring the data later.  I would strongly suggest that you familiarise yourself with this before doing any incremental backups.