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Best method for RDX removal

Level 3

We have an issue with RDX unit going offline either at inventory time, or when client removes disk

What is the preferred method to eject in the job itself, or manually from the Unit. (some clients have eject set in job, or they remove themselves)

The policy in Windows is Quick Removal, and would expect that to be normal. I have a case raised with HP as the RDX utility seems to think it's set to Bus Powered so a bug somewhrere misreporting.

HP sent a new RDX unit, as could not tell from the logs wheteher the Unit is at fault (i dont believe so) but had it replaced anyway to rule out any issue.

All this has started by BUE failing due to VSS Writers constantly failing, we are considering moving to another solution as we believe it cannot handle VSS writers correctly where other Backup Software can.




Level 3

Would not let me edit:

Bus Powered was meant to say Best peformance for the Policy part in Windows