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Best practice to take tape out of rotation?

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I am new to Backup Exec and taking over for a previous Network Admin who has left the company.  We have backup Exec running on 3 servers and all are different versions (V9.1, v2010, and v16).  The previous Admin was doing a 3 week rotation using 15 tapes labeled 001-015 Mon-Friday.   Friday is Full and M-Th is differential.  I need to take the tape out of rotation for this Friday which will be tape # 005 because it was a FULL backup on March 29th.  

My Question is how do I put a brand new tape in the tape drive on Friday and resume business as usual.  Can I just inventory it and label it 005?  Will this work?  I've seen many different ideas and many different suggestions for each of the versions that we have.  Any suggestions would be amazing.  If this does not work out I will come in and get a full on Saturday but it will mean that I will not have a full for March which is very important.

Thank you all so much!






Are you using media set or partition slot ?