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Best solution for this scenario

Hi all,

I am working with a client who currently backs up 7 physical servers to networked backup targets using NTBackup. They now want to centralise the backups to a media server using Backup Exec 2012.

The total amount of data they want to backup is just over 2TB a week and they would like to keep the data on disk for 6 months.  I've done some quick calculations and this amounts to around 40TB of data retained on disk !  They cannot afford storage of this size so they will need to purchase something a lot smaller.  I was thinking of a couple of QNAP NAS boxes - so they can replicate the data for DR purposes.

However they will not be able to store all that they want - they will probably have to only retain 2 months worth of data and archive the rest off to tape.  Is there anyone out there who is backing up a similar amount of data and retaining it for this amount of time?  

Can you let me know how you handle this amount of data for DR purposes?  

Do you archive to tape weekly and remove older backups from disk?  

If so can you give me an idea of what volume of data you retain on disk, how often you archive to tape and what type of tape drive you are using (eg, LTO4, 5, etc).

Also, does anyone use any deduplication devices out there - what are you using?  How much do these typically cost?

Many thanks in advance