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Best way to define a Tape Rotation?


Maybe some expert can tell me which is the optimum way to setup a Tape Rotation backup scheme in my scenario.

(1) I have the next targets for backup:

Novell Netware v6.5 Server Files (81.0 Gb)
Lotus Notes Server Databases (20.0 Gb)
MS SQL Databases (0.3 Gb)

(2) I have the following devices on my media server:

One IBM (Ultrium 3581-TA) robotic library that can hold seven tapes that can store up to 186 Gb each.
One Quantum DLT 4000 drive that uses tapes that can store up to 40 Gb each.

(3) I would like to:

Include differential backups Mon-Sat and full backups on Sundays.
Keep end-of-month tapes by at least 12 months,
Keep end-of-year backups for ever.

How this can be done optimally in my scenario?

Thank you..!
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Re: Best way to define a Tape Rotation?


Thank you for posting your query,

It is possible to specify the overwrite protection period. You may use two methods.

1. Manually set the Overwrite protection period .

2. Use Media Rotation wizard.

- Run Backup exec
- Click on Job setup.
- Under "Backup strategy task" click on Setup media rotation and follow the wizard.

Note :
Media sets created by Media rotation wizard cannot be used with manually created backup jobs. Please refer to the following technote :

Re: Best way to define a Tape Rotation?


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Re: Best way to define a Tape Rotation?

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