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Better way to backup large amounts of data (full/diff)?

Level 4


we like B2D2T on a daily basis.
Customers with larger amounts of data (mostly Hyper-V clusters/VMs) require often, to do one weekly full-backup and the rest of the week diff-backups.

Is there any better way to backup large amounts of data within given time-windows at night with backup-exec?
Any special options to consider as addon (eg. for synthetic backups)?

I'm interested in opinions and your experience.
Also: We never tried NetBackup. Will there be a big improvement?
We never tried synthetic backups, too - or direct SAN-Snapshots.

As far as I know, there is a Veritas VSS snapshot provider available to directly access the san instead of accessing the HV-Host/CSV-Owner and coping with redirected access performance-issues. Is the benefit huge and how may one calculate the costs (round about) of it?

Best regards


Level 6

U mean off-host backup?Backup exec doenst support HyperV off-host backup.

I would suggest Incremental backup, It will be faster than differential.