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BkExec 15 Licenses to 21 upgradeable?

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I'm having so much trouble reaching someone to purchase v21 which I need right now.  Currently running BkExec15 w. Agent for Windows, Agent for Database. [have S/N] on Win2008r2 std.

Have a Win2019std Server up & running, w. BkEx 60 days trial version, closing to expire.

Made several requests on Veritas asking someone contacts me & tell me what & where to buy? If I'm qualified for an Upgrade?  Is Bk15 too old to upgrade & must purchase a full license?

I also made same request on, asking a knowledged sales contact me to sort through their 2,218 Vertias part#.  Never hear from them neither.

If someone have a recent good purchase experience & willing to share where to buy; I'd really appreciated.

Eric Shih


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You can upgrade directly from BE 15 to BE21. 
If you have ACTIVE maintenance (i.e. you have renewed maintenance every year), then upgrade is free.

If you do not have active maintenance, you need to purchase new licenses. 

Please use Partner Locator to find a Veritas reseller close to you:

Another option is to use the 'contact us' page to locate the phone number of the Veritas offices in your country:

Hope this helps!