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BkupExc V9 DLT4 tapes (of network data)- need to restore to C: drive

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I need to get BackupExec software that will read DLT4 backup tapes made with BE V 9 from a network drive (no longer available) and restore some of the data to a workstation's C: drive.

I'd appreciate any suggestions how to accomplish this. 

Thank you very much.



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BE9 is a very old version, probably you may install BE10d which should be able to read the data 

which was backed up by BE9. Below is the link to download BE10d.

After installation, perform an inventory and run a catalog job for the media before performing redirect

restore to C drive.

Level 6

Unless you're using encryption, any version of BE should be able to read & restore it.  If a pinch, even NTBackup (if you can still find a copy) can read the tapes.

As far as hardware, LTO drives can read 2 generation abck, and write 1 generation back.  I'd assume DLT is simmilar.

A normal restore path redirection should be all  you need to do special, since the original server is gone.

Good luck!