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Browse Failure in BE2014 with Exchange 2010 - rights issue?



This Exchange Server was upgraded from BE2010 to BE2014 and we created a new BESA as part of the new install.

The BESA was created per instructions on


We also made the BESA a member of the Exchange Servers group.

No luck, we still get the Browse Failure when trying to browse to it in order to set up a backup.


Please help.  We have been 3 days now without a backup and have tried everything we have found in this forum.

Thank you!



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...check the TN below

...check the TN below out:



Hi CraigV -  Thanks for the

Hi CraigV - 

Thanks for the reply!  The Tech doc said the following:


This issue will come up if monad.exe.config file is missing from X:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\RAWS directory on Exchange server

Note: X:\ is the volume where Backup Exec Remote Agent is installed.


Unfortunately, this Exchange Server is where we have Backup Exec Server installed locally, so there is no Backup Exec Remote Agent.  

The only file in the RAWS directory is called Raws32.mst.  When I run the DVD on this Server, there is also no option to install the Backup Exec Remote Agent.

How do I get the monad.exe file onto this Server?




Is this a standalone Exchange

Is this a standalone Exchange 2010 server or part of a DAG ?

Are you able to invoke Exchange specific cmdlets from the powershell ?

Lastly, you may need to enable SGmon debugging, re-attempt to browse the Exchange resource and have a look @ the captured logs for detailed errors.

SGmon debugging -


Actually, it is supposed to

Actually, it is supposed to be a standalone Exchange 2010, however we still have an 'un-retired' Exchange 2003 server with a few mailboxes attached.  

Could that be the problem?  


Not necessarily, though debug

Not necessarily, though debug logs will be helpful to narrow down the cause.


Ok, I will run the SGMon

Ok, I will run the SGMon today.  Thank you.

As background, I just learned that we were running BE2010 successfully until two weeks ago when we changed the BESA account password (it was running off the Administrator account.)  After that, we were no longer able to backup Exchange 2010 despite going through the Services and resetting the password there.

That is when they decided to upgrade to BE2014 thinking it would resolve the situation.  It did not, but it looks like it stems from a change of the BESA account.  We have created a new BESA account per instructions, but that does not work either.  Is there somewhere else that the original BESA account information might be cached that is causing that problem?

ThanksSmiley Happy


If BE was upgraded and a new

If BE was upgraded and a new BESA has been set as the System Logon Account + a new backup job has been created, then it should not be a case of old credentials.


Ran SGMon.exe and have a log.

Ran SGMon.exe and have a log.  Should I post it here or would it be ok to send it to you?  


Pls PM me the log. Thanks.

Pls PM me the log. Thanks.