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Buggy Forum

 I have tried using this forum in IE 6,7 and 8, Firefox and Chrome and no matter what browser I use it is the worst forum I have ever come across. I have spoken to a few other admins and they seem to have the same problems.
I have tried this on well over 8 machines and all the same problems arise.  I created new users and still no luck.

The problems I see everytime I come to the forums are...

1. Unable to get the Login to Participate link to load the next screen, this works about half the time. typically I have to close out and reload the browser to get this to work.
2. Navigating to different pages is extremely painful, sometimes it does nothing and sometimes it takes around 1 minutes to get the next page to load.
3. Using the tabs at the top of the page works about 25% of the time.

Does anyone know anything that helps? We unfortunately  use 3 Symantec products and using these forums is killing us.

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While you complain about this

While you complain about this issue, you posted in the wrong forum!

That said, while the forums are slow on some days, and if NOT logged in, and I want to reply, logging in, gives me a wrong page error.  I just have to hit back a couple times, and since the cookie is now there, it works...  It's not a browser issue, it's you.

Other than that, the forum works for me more than 90% of the time.

BTW, this is not a true support tool, Support is.  This is a community based website where we try to help you.  We just happen to have some Symantec employees that troll around from time to time here.

Where would be the right forum?

 I couldn't find a area for this type of discussion so I posted in the area I frequent most often. For future reference where is the right place to post this type of comment?

I appreciate idea of a community based forum and truly appreciate all that contribute to this place. It's just that for a major corporation like Symantec that has so many business oriented products that IT staff rely on so heavily on day to day basis you would think they would be able to run a forum that works well. I am an active member of  quite a few forums, some run by as little as 2 people with high traffic and I have never seen so many issues like I see on this site.

Just frustrating.

Thanks for the response!

There is a "General Forum," and a "Symantec Connect forum."  One of those, probably the later would be a better place to puts in your non-technical questions/comments