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Building ransomware resilience: preparing for the golden hour

Level 1

What businesses do the moment ransomware is detected makes a huge difference to the impact the attack can have on the organization. Failure to act fast can mean that more files are locked, more devices are penetrated and more money is lost. What organizations do in the ‘golden hour’ following an attack is crucial, and what they achieve in this ‘golden hour’ is dependent on how well trained and prepared they are beforehand.

As cybercriminals evolve their techniques and technologies, ransomware is only becoming more infectious and harmful. The average attack costs businesses more than £100,000 and does lasting reputational damage. Indeed, 40% of consumers consider CEOs to be personally liable for ransomware breaches, and 44% would stop using a company’s services if it fell victim to an attack. Compounding the risks, 20 per cent of paying victims never have their stolen data returned.

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