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CASO Communication stalled in BE2016

Level 2

I am getting problems with communication stalled on CAS BE16 running on Windows Server 2016. No matter what I tried (patching MMS and CASO, aligned the agents with proper certificates, database repaired or created a fresh one) gave any success. The servers are having sudden bursts of communication and going back to stalled which prevents any monitoring of target servers. I've also run CAS on 2010 and 2015 versions and they do not have such a problem with communication and basically allow live monitoring of the target MMS. All CAS servers are running in exactly same enviroment with necessary ports opened however only BE2016 CAS has this kind of problem.

Is there any specific thing I can try to change with BE 2016 to enable communication proper communication between CAS and MMS servers ?


Level 3

Try to disable windows firewall. If that helpes, try to configure it to open all necessary ports for CASO environment

Windows firewall is offline and verified that all ports are opened that would normally allow communication between the servers.

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This can happen if the line speed is too slow. Try setting it to send updates less frequently on the settings of the MMS itself.