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CASO availability

We had this issue under Backup Exec 15 and now 16.

Running a number of sites connected to a central CASO server. However if ever there is a communication issue between the backup server and the CASO, the job fails until the CASO is back online. The job then recovers and starts again.

How can we prevent this from happening?

Links between offices are VPLS 25mb and pretty stable.



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Re: CASO availability

You have the option to set the link speed. Not sure where this is in the newer versions of BE, but you would've gone to the MMS on the older versions, and selected that catalogs get sent less frequently. For me this fixed the MMS dropping from the CASO. That said, I also never centralised the catalogs on the CASO. If the CASO goes down, all backups halt immediately until you get the CASO back up again, or manually revert the MMS back to a stand-alone. Thanks!

Re: CASO availability

Thanks Craig.

the option i have set asre:

Connection - Fast

Monitor jobs - Yes

Display alert when time not sync - Yes

Send alert after servers arent sync'd - 30 seconds

Storage and media db location - Central admin server

Keep catalogues on - Managed BAckup Exec Server (distributed)


Re: CASO availability

Change the connection speed to something lower and see if this resolves it. Can't remember the exact wording.