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CASO created jobs does not run on Media Server

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Hi everbody

I have been trying to get this working for sometime now but I cant get this right.

We have one CASO at our central Site and a bunch of Media-servers on different sites around europe (everyone runs BE2010 R2) . On some sites there is just one MMS and on other there is one MMS who handles agents on more servers on that site.

In the case of just one MMS everything works great. First I do a B2D-job and then duplicates this to the shared Dedup who resides on our CASO,,works perfectly. All jobs for this scenario are created on the CASO

In the other cases where we have one MMS on a site and, for example, another filserver with an agent this does not work so good. If I create the job on my CASO, the B2D-job runs smoothly, but when the duplicate-job who should replicate the data from B2D to Dedup something strange happens. This job can "land" on whichever MMS randomly.

I did my latest try on a server in Drammen Norway. The B2D-job worked great, then the duplicate-job started who should replicate the data from "B2D Drammen" to our Dedup. This job started (for some reason) on our MMS in Helsinki ?? Naturally the MMS in Helsinki did not know of any "B2D Drammen" so the job failed.

I have selected the "Restrict backup of the selectionlist to devices on the following mediaserver" in my selectionlist and choosed the MMS in Drammen. This selection doesnt seem to do much difference.

If I instead create this job directly on my MMS in Drammen and just monitors it from my CASO,,,everything works ??

Im out of options here,,,every hotfix is installed.

Can somebody point me in the right direction .

Best Regards

Jonas Miles


Employee Accredited Certified

Is the name resolution correct. Can you try adding the entries in host file and see if that helps

Level 3

Hi Gurvinder

Thanks for your reply and sorry if mine took a while :)

Ive tried your idea, and,,,It seems to be some kind of missmatch between DNS & Wins.

I have only tried on one og our sites so far, but I will try it som more and get back to you.

Thank you