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CIFS backup from VNXe 3150 without NDMP through BE 2012.


One my customer want to have  EMC VNXe 3150 and BE 2012. We have created a CIFS server and Share folder.

Is it possible to take this share foder backup without using NDMP.

If yes, how.

I have a link but its not for VNXe 3150:- 




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First make sure that NDMP is

First make sure that NDMP is disabled on the VNX device then follow this:



Thanks Colin... Willl this

Thanks Colin...smiley

Willl this work with VNXe 3150 CIFS....

As per I know we required NDMP option to take CIFS backup.

Thanks again.



Also disable NDMP on the


Please be aware: - NDMP

Please be aware:

- NDMP Option backs up over NDMP Protocol (this needs NDMP Option license)

- Share Level backups operate over CIFS Protocol (this needs an Agent for Windows license)


They are exclusively different ways to backup data on a NAS device and you need to make a choice as to which you are using and then use the appropriate license