CPS 12.5 on Windows 2008 Server 256GB files created randomly

My setup:

Server 1 - CPS 12.5 running Windows 2008 - All Windows and Live updates

- Continous job throughout the day of user files.  Ends at 6pm.

Server 2 - CPS 12.5 running Windows 2008 (identical) - All Windows and Live updates

- At 8pm a cps job runs that replicates the folder structure of the job above to a second server offsite.  CPS backup of the CPS store on server 1.

The problem.  Every few backups a file that is normal ~5MB tops gets replicated in the nightly job to the offsite server as a 256 GB file.  Never the same file, never the same folder.  Always part of the continous job files.  When the continuous job resumes in the morning, the file is synched from the source server at the normal size.  Will get overwritten at the normal size on the nightly job too so it somewhat fixes itself.  The nightly job sometimes takes 10 hours because of the HUGE file, however.
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I have the same issue with

I have the same issue with replication between our branch offices and head office except my servers are Windows 2003. It is completely random.


I have a call into Enterprise Support

I have a call into Enterprise Support.  Will post what I find, if anything.  I'm glad you posted about 2003.  My concern was that I should have built this on 2003 and maybe 2008 was the issue.  Wonder if it has something to do with the snapshots?  I am under the impression that when you simply copy or backup the CPS store folder structure, snapshots DON'T go with it. 

Have to use BackupExec

From what I'm being told by support you can NOT have a CPS job that replicates data that another CPS job writes to even if the first job is stopped.  Sometimes it creates a loop because of the filter driver is what I'm told.  The supported method is to use BackupExec to do a Backup to Disk job in the evening of the CPS data to the offsite server.

This will work but somewhat destroys what my goal was.  I wanted a copy of the file system that I could easily pull files from rather than acually run a restore process.  I'll post with updates.

I don't think that is the

I don't think that is the cause as I'm only doing a single replication from branches to headoffice.


So you are not replicating

So you are not replicating CPS server to CPS server?

I have the same problem

Files get 256GB large

Runing CPS 12.5 on win2003 servers


CPS12.5 - random 256GB files fill up 2003 server volume = fun

I am really glad I found this. I have been having this problem on one of our new 2003 backup servers. I am dealing with approx 6 million small files (around 1.5TB). When I left CPS setting on whenever a file changes I would get a handful of small (~250KB) turn into 256GB files and it would fill my backup partition.

re http://seer.entsupport.symantec.com/docs/320354.htm

Glad I found it, although I'm not very impressed the work around! Just keep restarting it and keep an eye on it? Or schedule it, or regularly start it manually? Isn't it supposed to be *continuous* protection?

WIndows 2003 - CPS 12.5 with all Service Packs

Does anyone know if Symantec will be addressing this issue with 12.5?  I have CPS 12.5 running on a Windows 2003 x64 server and have this same issue.  The CPS files eat up the space on the backup server, but these large files compress so it's not taking up alot of space on the tapes.  The one thing I notice is if I find one of the large files on the CPS server and go to the files location and do something as simple as a r-click, properties the file on the CPS server goes back to normal.  I can't see making the job not continuous.  Thanks.

256GB files from CPS 12.5

CPS creates several 256GB files on the backup destination. 

This eats up 2TB that I would prefer to use for something else.   

At first, the files seemed to come from the same source directory on one server.  It is more random now, as multiple files from different servers show up as 256GB on the destination.  Infrequently and briefly, some or all of the files return to their original sizes. 

The jobs are running continuously, whenever a file changes.

BackupExec CPS 12.5
Win2k3 R2 32-bit SP2



same problem here!

Source Server =       Windows 2003 sp2 (32bit)
destinaion Server = Windows 2003 R2 sp2 (32bit)
Backupexec CPS 12.5

stopping and restarting the job is helping but this is no solution!

how is it possible that they have no solution for a problem known for more than 5 months?

I have the same

I have the same problem.

Source server = Windows Server 2003 SP2
Destination server =  Server 2008 SP2

I am running the job with the following schedule:
According to a schedule
Run on these days: Mon -> Sun
Run Continuously From 20:00 Until 23:40

The problem first occured last friday (August 14th 2009) and the setup have been running since the end of may. Might this be an update from Symantec that causes the problem?

The current workaround options are totally useless, it requires manual work on a daily basis and that's not practical.


I am still missing a proper

I am still missing a proper solution to this issue!!!!

I encounter the problem 2-3 times per week and the workaround is still useless because it requires manual work.

Still no real solution?

Still no real solution?

Nothing.  Just another manual

Nothing.  Just another manual intervention work around.  Maybe the software should be renamed to Manual Protection Server?

I do, however, continually receive calls regarding renewal of support and upgrading to BE 2010.  I refuse to based on this catastrophic bug and the fact that no real solution has ever been given.  It renders the software useless.  If there is no fix, maybe we should be given working software FOR FREE.   If going to BE 2010 is the fix, give it to those who Symantec has FAILED at no cost.

My response was that I will never renew support, upgrade, or purchase a symantec backup product in the future. 

I suggest all of you who are afflicted with this issue do the same.

Same problem here

I'm having the same problem backing up multiple sites to a single CPS 12.5 installation running on Windows 2003 Server.  Problem occurs ATLEAST once a day while users are creating/modifying files in the source location.  The source file that is backed up to a 256GB file on the CPS server has always "just" been created/modified, never older existing files.

Getting tired of waiting for Symantec to provide a solution, I have had to create a script that is run on an hourly schedule on the CPS server that checks the free disk space and if it is below a nominal figure the script finds the source file and stops and starts the CPS agent on the remote server.  Crappy work-around but atleast I no longer have to do it manually.  Checking the source file properties in Windows Explorer does NOT always resolve the issue.

I can't believe this issue does not have a solution and is still a problem in CPS 2010.

This is a bad joke - problem for 1 year plus now


This is still a problem in the latest version as well. I am done with CPS. We paid for continuous protection and we have to do it as a scheduled backup. I might as well use robocopy.


Current workaround options:

- Cancel the job and restart the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Agent service on the Source and Backup Destination Servers. Restart the CPS job and regularly monitor the available free disk space on the Backup Destination Server's relevant volume.


- Cancel the job and change the job setting Schedule from "Whenever a file changes" to "According to a schedule" or "Initiate the backup job manually".

* UPDATE *    Identify the bloated file in the Backup Destination folder of the Target Server, then go to the corresponding file on the Source Business Server. Using Windows Explorer, right-click that Source Server file and choose "Properties"; this procedure triggers a resynchronization of the file on the Target Server and quickly returns the file to its proper size.

Are they kidding? All of these options require way too much interaction for what is supposed to be a continuous protection system.

Never again will I allow our company to buy this rubish.

BEWS CPS 13.0 - Same problem

I have a customer with completely the same problem, the difference is that CPS agents and servers are v. 13.0
Strange thing - before the upgrade, he have not had such problem... just after the uprgade.

Re: CPS 12.5 on Windows 2008 Server 256GB files created randomly

I've had a call open with them for a long time now about this, we actually demanded a refund at one point. There is a beta patch now, it's been out about a month

Re: CPS 12.5 on Windows 2008 Server 256GB files created randomly

as lizclaiborne noted, there is a beta hotfix available for this issue.  You will need to contact support to recieve the hotfix though.  There has been no offical date set for the release of the patch at this time.