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CPS Exchange Job

Level 4
I've got a CPS job running on just my exchange information store (It's exchange 2003). Running recovery points ever hour.

WHen I test the restore process I can only restore individual messages from the full back job that runs every night. I thought CPS allowed for restoration of emails as they came during the day?

Any ideas where to look?

Level 6
Hi Randy,

I would recommend increasing the time to about 4 hours, however, I understand you are testing, and possibly your Exchange server can handle that load. The CPS Exchange backups will allow you to retrieve data up until the last recovery point. This allows for the restore of individual messages.

Please check the following:
1. Go to the Job Monitor view in the Backup Exec GUI, and look specifically in the Job History area. Make sure there are Exchange Recovery Point items. If not, then you need to check that the job is configured to run Recovery Points in the Exchange area.
2. Are there any error in these items? If so, see what the log says.
3. Open up the CPS console and see if there are any errors related to this job.
4. I'd also like to know your setup. Is this all on one server, is the CMS on another server with Exchange, and BEWS on a different server? Please send us some details on this.

Thanks, and please let us know if this helps resolve your issue.