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CPS folder exclusion

Hi everyone,

I am trying to exclude specific folders from my CPS backup job.

These folders are subfolders from random created folders. So I would like use a wildcard like: *\foldername\*

But when I enter this, I get the error message saying: "the filter cannot contain the following characters: \@#$%^&/"

Does any one know how to do this?

Thank you!

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The Include / Exclude option

The Include / Exclude option within the Continuous Protection Server (CPS) job configuration is only designed for files.



Kiran, Thank you for your


Thank you for your reply.

I also found this article. I believe in the past it was possible to filter out specific folders. Or is this only possibel in Backup exec, instead of Backup exec CPS?


Is there perhaps a workaround?



Other than removing from

Other than removing from backup selection list, no other work around. 

You can exclude folders from backingup in BE.