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CPS regularly creating oversized files

Level 3

Server 2008 x64, Backup Exex and CPS 12.5


I've been fighting with this problem for a long time and no one has been able to assist me on it. Besides a work around that is time consuming and frustrating.

Almost on a daily basis CPS will backup a small file between 2kb up to a few mb.. That file will suddenly show up as a 255+gig file on the CPS server. If I do not catch it that monster file ends up being sent to tape at night. Talk about a waste of space!

I have storage reports running every hour to alert me of these files but they sometimes pop up and I don't catch them.

The workaround is to find the file at the source on my file server, right click the file, go to properties, and I add a few letters to the summary. I then have to restart the services on the protected server. The file then gets "corrected" on the CPS server.

Last year Symantec "assured" me that this was a known issue and it was being looked at. Sadly after many updates this has not been addressed.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for finally solving this irratating problem? At this point any ides will be appreciated!


Level 6
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The issue is documented here:

As this technote describes this issue should have been fixes with this hotfix:

Verify that this hotfix is instead installed and that you also updated the CPA on the servers backed up

Level 3

Thank you very much for posting this! I've installed the hotfixes so hopefully this does the trick. I'll be thrilled if I don't have to watch the system like a hawk every day!