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CPS replication issue - long folder names halts replication?

Level 4

We have discovered that the replicated data on our CPS server does not have the same number of folders and files as the source file server.

We tracked it down to several of our folders, which have very long paths, not replicating completely.

Let me explain using an example...

A source folder on the file server is as follows (with x characters as replacements):

E:\XXXX\xxxx\Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx_XXX\Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx\Xxxx Xxxxxxx XXXX\Xxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxx XXXX\X. Xxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx\XXXX\XXX Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx XXXX .xx.x\Xxxxxxxx\Xxxxx\X\Xxxxxxe Xxxx xXXX\Xxxxxxx\XxxxxXX\XXXXXXXXXX xxxx\Folder

Now under 'Folder' on the source file server, there are several other folders but on the CPS server where the replicated data sits, the replication finishes at 'Folder'.  And what's weirder, is that 'Folder' on the replicated server does not act like a normal folder.  You can't open it by double clicking on it and right clicking gives two options - Explore and Open, both of which do nothing at all.

Any thoughts?


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Try copying this same data over network, does that work? This could be a windows limitation.


Level 4
Ta - it seems like this is the case.

We would have many instances like this in our data, so is there anyway that CPS can report all these locations that haven't replicated properly?


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I'm having the same problem. I get (NT Error- The file cannot be accessed by the system). This occurs with one particular folder where it has alot of sub-folders inside. I opened a case with Symantec and they assumed the drive was defective. I've suspected that the reason is because of the paths being too long. Can anyone verify this please. I went into the certain files that were failing and made the path shorter..but no luck...

Thank you