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Calling Ken Putnum....... can you claify a duplicates issue please

Level 2
Hi Ken
I have a single policy created with multiple selection list from different servers (one per server). This I back up to a disk which creates multiple BKF files. I backup to disk to get the benefit of concurrent writes and so all my servers backup simultaneously and not sequentially as they would if I went straight to tape. I then duplicate the disk folder backups to disk. The tape library has a single drive and two tapes (sufficient capacity to hold all my data). The first server to finish it's backup to disk then duplicates onto the first tape, the second server to complete duplicates onto the second tape, the third server to finish then queues waiting for more media. What I want to do is to append these duplicates to the same tape
VERITAS have twice said this is possible (once direct to me and once in a post on this forum) and that there must be something wrong with the 'overwrite' and 'append' settings on the backup exec media server. I have gone over the settings with a fine toothed comb and there isn't anything wrong. Normal backups append to the tapes fine.
I noticed a post from you where you said:
"In this case, you will require a separate tape to duplicate each BKF file since each file is a "virtual tape" that has been written to disk. You cannot duplicate multiple tapes to a single tape and cannot duplicate multiple BKF files to a single tape."
But it didn't say what version of BE it relates to (I'm using BE10. Can you confirm you're statement applies to my situation so I can put my fine toothed comb away and make some sense of this.

I'd also like to hear anybody else's opinion on this including VERITAS who have indicated that it can be done in the following thread:

Here's hoping you can help


Level 2
Sorry Ken in mispelling your name.......
I didn't mean to be so rude


Level 6
I use the same technique (concurrent B2D -> Dup2tape). I perform the slower LAN based backups to disk, and then (ideally) the dup-2-tape should run the tape drive at full speed.

Anyways, the duplicates do append to the same tape 'as advertised'.

I would like to suggest a troubleshooting technique:

1.) Insert a test scratch tape into you library
2.) Manually perform duplicate jobs 2 disk of several of the disk backups. (using the same media set & append settings as you have in your template).
3.) Did it work? (did the jobs append correctly)
4.) If so, I would delete the policy and then re-create it.

I have found the 'delete & recreate' technique to solve many a Veritas problem.

Level 6
No problem

And as Ray says, "Delete and Recreate" often works wonders with BackupExec ;)

Level 2
Thanks for your input I guys..... I'll do as you say and see how I get on. Just one more thing then.......
Ken, I'm still a little confused then over your comments that I quoted earlier in the thread. Did I mis-understand what you were getting at or were those comments perhaps pertaining to a earlier version of Backup Exec?

Just curious
Thanks anyway