Can BE2010 R3 used with Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3?



colleagues doing an upgrade in some weeks to clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 (cdot 8.3), so is there  a NDMPMode to still backup and restore or is it futile.

Which BEversion supports cdot8.3?


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It looks like BE 2010 R3

It looks like BE 2010 R3 supports 8.3

You can check the HCLs at


All Backup Exec versions that

All Backup Exec versions that support Ontap 8.x (in the HCL) have limitations against cluster configurations because you can only select to a volume level and can no longer do a volume browse to file level.This limitation came from code changes in Ontap and not specifically Backup Exec.

Whilst we do however continue to support the ability to backup the volume itself.


Also what are you storing on the NetApp Cluster as whether or not the NDMP Option is the best method to use for backups depends on the data types that you are trying to backup from the NetApp - in other words just because you have an NDMP Option capable device does not mean you should always choose the NDMP option to create backup jobs as there are other concerns that affect the method choice More info in this blog








Hello Larry, Sorry for the

Hello Larry,


Sorry for the late reply- end of month workpeak.

Thx for your reply. Depending on what colleagues want, it will be suported or not.

Hopefully not to much they want.

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Hello Colin, thx very much

Hello Colin,


thx very much for the information.

We do a folder backup now, so it might work also in future.

My colleague has an idea for tests (I installed netapp host utilities 7.0 today), that we will do tomorrow. looking eagerly forward till then.

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Hello Colin, we have a minor

Hello Colin,


we have a minor problem (and actually a fix) for years now:

Since we use two drives, sometimes (especially after restarting the Quantum Library, the ndmpjob cannot decide on which drive to run. In Backup Exec this is shown by the appearing and disappearing of the green arrow at the one device or the other.

On the NETAPP no media changer is shown (sysconfig –m No medium changers present on system.)

We then reboot the Backupserver and the FC Switch and perhaps afterwards doing a restart of backup exec services and all is fine.

Do you know of a similar case?

What is happening technically when I start a (NDMP)-Job?

Does BE ask for a specific drive or who decides?

Whom to contact for further remedy?


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Sorry I have not heard of

Sorry I have not heard of that as any kind of known issue. However if sysconfig -m shows devices missing and a restart of the FC is required then that smacks of problems with the hardware or the SAN connectivity and not something dirrctly caused by Backup Exec. 


Hello Colin, thx for the

Hello Colin,


thx for the reply.

Sadly this time the abovementioned remedy does not work. Something still has to be configured.

NDMPBackups to Disk work, but not to tape.

Furthermore now after each BE-Services-restart we get spooky "Missing 0001 - Offline"

And Missing 0002 - Offline" Tapes - see screenshot below.

I manually remove these as they do not exist.

Any comments?

Back to my previous questions:

Who decides when a NDMPjob is started, which drive to use-the library or BE?

Is there  a possibility to run a ndmpjob per commandline and what's the syntax for it?



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