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Can Backup Exec 2010 read Commvault 8.0.0 tapes

Level 2
Hi Guys, I've searched and not found the answer. We have a customer that has requested to move from Commvault 8.0.0 to Backup Exec. They have asked whether Backup Exec will be able to read their Commvault 7 and Commvault 8 tapes? Anyone know the answer, or can point me in the right direction for the info? Cheers, JEFF

Level 6

AFAIK,  BackupExec has always used MTF (Microsoft Tape Format) to actually write to tape.  That's why NTBackup can read  BE tapes as long as they are not encrypted or SW compressed.

If Commvault writes in MTF (without SW compression) , BackupExec should be able to read it  If they use a proprietay format, then your customere is probably SOL

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Just wondering, any particular reason why your customer is moving from commvault to backup exec?

Level 2
Thanks for that. I'll look into it. I'm betting that CV doesn't though. It doesn't appear to do much else 'standard'!

Dex: no, I haven't really been involved in discussions on the why; I understand 'ease of use' is a big factor. They are a small organisation with their own IT department that don't have skills in CV.

Cheers. Anyone else?