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Can I back different Jobs some to BTD and other to Tape?

I would like to see the best way to go but this.

my is can i backup some jobs to tape and other to BTD in the same schedule? and them backup the BTD to tape?

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Hi Yes you can certainly


Yes you can certainly backup same job to different device like tape or b2d but not at the same time but you can backup different server job to same b2d by increasing the concurrent operation on b2d.


As per best practisce it would be good if you create policy with 2 template one for backup going to disk and one for duplicate from disk to tape for the server you want to protect

Hope that helps



Not sure why this discussion

Not sure why this discussion is left with a single reply (it doesn't seems to be clarifying actual query). Hence replying to it after seeing it under "Can you solve these" section. Not digging the forum.

 can i backup some jobs to tape and other to BTD in the same schedule?

Yes, you can for sure. Whether the jobs are to backup a single server or to backup multiple servers, absolutely doesn't matter.

And then backup B2D to tape?

Yes, can be done. But it is not just backingup or copying B2D data. Duplication within BE must be used to make multiple copies of B2D data. 

About duplicating backup data:

Why you should not copy or backup B2D files:

PS: The OP might have got an answer to his question already, but thought if any other users or searching for same query they might find some help from this.