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Can I backup just "C" drive with System Recovery 2010?


We run Backup System Recovery 2010 and I currently backup all the drives on our Windows 2008 SBS domain controller. I think I could restore with just the Operating System Partition (C drive), i would like your opinions/advice to see if this is a viable solution? 

Here are the details: 

  • Physical Box (not virtualised)
  • C drive contains Operating System Partition 
  • E contains only Exchange Partition
  • L contains user data like Excel, Word, PowerPoint docs ect.  It also contatains users redirected folders.
  • S swap file 
  • W Wsus drive 

C,E, L are all backed up everynight using symantec backup exec 2010. 

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Hi, SSR can do BMR...why


SSR can do BMR...why would you want to license another application if you're not using its full functionality?

If this is the case, just use BE to do the same job.



Thanks for getting back to me

Thanks for getting back to me so quick.  I dont use the the backup side of things alot, it's not my first job so please be patient.  We bought the SBS version of Symantec backup exec which came with both versions backup exec 2010 and system recovery. 

We use "Backup Exec 2010" to backup data so we have a snapshots of data over various points of the year.  

Symantec System Recovery is what we use for recovery should a hardware failure occur (like a hard disk go down) and i'm imaging it every month so we have an images to restore onto the same/or different hardware.

Have i got the purpose right for these 2 softwares? 

Just for anyone else reading 


SSR = Symantec System Recovery

BMR = Bare metal restore 


To answer your question; yes,

To answer your question; yes, you can just backup volume C with BESR/SSR.

As always, do a test restore to confirm that this restores everything you need before relying on it in the event of a disk failure etc.


  When I make the test


When I make the test restore, whats the best way to go about the restore? I'm wondering how Windows will cope with its Exchange partition, data drive and WSUS missing?



This being an SBS server, I

This being an SBS server, I suspect the OS will complain if Exchange is missing. This is why I recommend to test this scenario.