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Can I install Backup Exec Software in a Windows Server Domain Controller

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Hey, the question is basically what I ask in the subject, we have as a company some remote locations that have about 50 users with a single server acting as a Domain Controller and as a File Server for those users. As sometimes happens, the company aquired a HPE LTO-6 6250 Tape DR units for each of those locations, and now they want to check for the best software for this backup solution.

Some other engineer was recomending another brand, but they had the limitation that we cannot install the software in the same server that has the domain controller role, so we need to buy a new server for it, so before any more variables arises in this, I checked for myself for another alternative, so I want to know if Veritas Backup Exec software (not client) can be installed in the same server that is the domain controller, or else if a new server for this role is needed.

Thanks in advance for any response or suggestions, and I apologize if I may have any redaction errors because english is not my native language.


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We did at one point run into a limitation on the SQL Express part of the install that related to how certain security groups are setup and modified on a DC - I believe that was resolved however  and as such Backup Exec should install on a DC (in the days of Small Business Server when your only server was your DC, Backup Exec did run on that)

If you have concerns - you can download the trailware from and test it (for 60 days) before purchase

I am downloading the trial so I can run some tests, but still has some 4 hours left, so I thought I try to ask here.