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Can I install veritas Backup Exec 16 on Windows Server 2012?

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Thanks for any help. I want to install eritas Backup Exec 16 on Windows Server 2012 on VMWare.  So I run the environment check before I install it. But it shows some errors. It fails on "Windows Server service check" , " Registry Permissions Check" and  "SQL Instance Bkupexec Connection Check" as the picture below.  How can I make them works?


So now  I'm not sure if I can install veritas Backup Exec 16 on Windows Server 2012 or if I should do something before I install eritas Backup Exec 16. Any one can tell me how to solve this? Thanks for any advice.




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If you click on each failure point and/or scroll down do you see more info?


Also if intending to write to tape - then DO NOT use a Virtual Machine as your Backup Exec server.


Thanks so much for your reply. And here are the failed informations. Any advice will be appreciated.

failed info.JPGWindows Server service check-failed info.JPG


Did you get this figured out? I'm running BE 2014 on Windows 2012, so I would think BE 2016 will run. Did you get the server service running? Also, you are installing as an admin, right?