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Can no longer edit exchange backup

Level 3
I have and have had backup exec 9.1 installed on a WIN2K machine that also backs up my Exchange 2000 server. The exchange remote agent is installed and has been working fine all along. Since last week my backups are failing with this meesage. Access to this device \\exchangeserver is not authorized with this version of the product. Hang on, this has been working fine all along and their have been no changed made to the network or server other than back in February we upgraded our schema from win2000 to win2003. Anyway the exchange server is still being backed up, storage groups , mailboxes etc and the exchaneg server shows up under the restore options on the backupserver. The exchange server no longer shows up unders the selections on the backup server. That option is gone. I could leave thinngs as they are since it's getting backed up, but the job keeps showing failed ( not good ) and I cannot edit any part of the exchange backup as I cannot see the exchange server...( not authorised edition of product) It worked fine before....Pleae help

Level 3
PS: All the software is licensed copies. There are no evaluation installs etc....

Level 2
I would try uninstall and reinstall the remote agent. You can remove it on the Exchange server through add/remove programs. Then go to the backup exec server and do a remote install (through serial numbers and install) to install the agent again. Have you applied the recent service pack to backup exec? You are supposed to upgrade your remote agents as well.

Level 3
No dice. I have already tried the reinstall of the remote agent. I have not service packed either installation.

When I view my backup job my exchange server shows under resource order, resource credentials and the exchange setting under settings are not grayed out yet the server will not show up under the selections tab. Yet the exchange data is still being backed up. I am stumped...

I could uninstall backup exec on both machines but what if fixes it and then it start up again at a later stage....

The specific nature of the message RE the edition not being authorized suggests that's where the problem lies but in the absence of any changes( service packs etc ... I can't see why this is happening.

Level 6
Did you start out in Demo mode, then enter serials to go to production? may apply.

You are sure that the Exchange Serial is properly installed on the media server? and/or the RAWS agent?

Level 3
No. I never started in eval mode it has always been a licensed install on bothe servers.....

Level 6
1. This error is most likely to be received because the wrong version of Backup Exec is being used to protect the remote resource.

2. Also recreating the backup job might help.

3. Re-enter the license keys.

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Level 6
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