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Can't Access The Backup Device/Media

Running BE 12.5 on Win Server 2003 SP2 and backing up to an HP D2D appliance with 8 slots on the network.  Ran perfectly for a couple of months.  Then last week had a long power outage and since then, all BE jobs fail (initialize, inventory, backup, etc.)  Get the following errors:

<job name> - The job failed with the following error: Physical Volume Library Drive or Robot paused, offline, or disabled.


<job name> - The job failed with the following error: Physical Volume Library Robot not found.

I can see the appliance listed in Devices, I can put it online, I have verified iSCSI is still configured and connected.  I have tried restarting the server, stopping and starting BE services.  Nothing has worked.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?  TIA.

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If possible try to updgrade

If possible try to updgrade the driver or try reconfiguring the tape drives would fix the issue


I don't think the driver

I don't think the driver would be the problem, everything ran fine until the power outage.
It's a D2D appliance, not a tape drive.

Question:  How risky would it be if I simply deleted the device from BE, then re-discovered it?

Similar issue

I had a very similar issue. I had done all the steps you had and thankfully remembered I had load 16 tapes into my Sony AIT-5 autoloader and it was only showing 15. There was a bad tape stuck in the picker that was causing the whole drive system to repeatedly go offline. Is it possible that the power outage caused some corruption of one of the tapes? Have you tried pulling all the tapes from the slots and drive then rebooting?

I hope this helps. Good luck!


Makes Sense

Thanks Sheena, I'll try that angle.  I *think* a backup job was in progress when the power outage occurred...perhaps the disk that was being written to is indeed corrupt.

I'll post here with the results.  Thanks again for the suggestion.


It was not corrupt media, nor updating the driver nor reconfiguring the device.

Just needed to restart all BE services using the BE console.  I had stopped and restarted them using Services on the server.


You just gotta love Symantec!