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Can't Delete/Change current SLA account to New SLA

Level 5

Hi...I've been racking my brain with this after reading numerous veritas tech sheets and forum postings but no solution yet.

I'm migrating from an old domain to a new domain where there is currently a trust relation so accounts in either recognize each other, etc.

I want to delete the current SLA account (old domain admin account) using Logon Account Management (MLA) and set a newly exisiting domain admin account as the new SLA.  

All services and current jobs are running under this new domain account without problems, and it is set as the default.  When trying to delete the current SLA i get the dreaded "Cannot be deleted b/c following users selected it as their default logon of them are currently logged on to the media server".  

One account user listed is an old domain admin user account that is not a user on the media server any longer or in the MLA user list (don't understand this one at all).  The other two listed are the same name and is a local server admin account.  I was able to delete this account name from the LAM list, but it still remains in the "selected it as their default logon of them are currently logged on to the media server" list when trying to delete the current SLA account.

A strange note is that all accounts have the same Owner listed in logon account management (old domain\admin account), but not sure if this merely reflects the current SLA as the owner.

How can I delete these accounts/clear them from the DB in order to set the newly created domain admin account as the new SLA???



Level 5 I found the solution on a non-veritas site.  "i figured it out.  had to go into the change password wizard and then it let me change the username associated with the system logon account."

Now I just need to know how to change the "Owner" for all accounts listed in MLA to the new account that SLA is associated with, as the current Owner account is the old SLA/retiring domain admin account.