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Can't Eject tape

Level 2
server: windows 2003 server
Backup Exec version 9.1 rev 4691
Dell Poweredge 1600SC
DLT tapedrive (DLT1)

I'm unable to eject the tape. Not with the knob on the tapedrive nor with the eject command in Backup exec. In Backup exec I see the tape intermittent as 'none' and 'Bad Media'. When I try to erase the tape, it won't because the software is waiting for the tape 'Loading Media. Same with formatting the tape. The ready lamp is on.
I already have restarted the server.
If there is anybody who has a solution other then using a hammer I would like to hear.

Thanks in advance
Douwe Bangma

Level 6
It could well be a hardware failure with your tape drive, so you might want to contact Dell support.

One thing to note from when I had the same problem with one of our installations, if you speak to Dell support they will undoubtfully tell you to install the latest firmware for the tape drive, which to me makes no sense since it was working before, however if they do it's worth pointing out to them that it will be impossible to do so since the installation of new firmware to the tape drive will require you remove any tapes from the drive before the installation will work.

I had to go through the whole process (requiring an onsite visit at a clients) just to find out I couldn't do what they were asking, so hopefully this will save you some hassle.

Level 6
I've had this kind of problem once myself with a DELL. It turned out I needed to perform some actions to get the tape ejected. The problem is, I dont recall them. A guess would be that you need to reboot the system and then keep the eject button pressed to eject the tape.

Maybe the DELL's knowledge base contains some info on how to force a tapeunit to eject its tape.

A van der Boom

Level 6
I think you're right, that rings a bell for me as well. If it's an external drive then obviously you can just restart the drive while holding the eject button, but with an internal drive you need to restart the whole server to do the same thing (which is always annoying!).

Level 2
Thanks for your reactions. It didn't appear te be a hardware failure. The Dell support advised me to push the eject-button for a longer time. Or, if this didn't work a restart with holding down the eject-button.
I didn't have to restart. Important was however, to cancel the scheduled backup; it still was 'loading media'.

Thanks again

Douwe Bangma

Not applicable
We've just had a similar problem to this with our Dell PowerVault 110T LTO2. It's an internal drive so we're unable to shut down the server at will, I did restart it whilst holding down the eject button, it didn't work. However after speaking to Dell, we had to shutdown the machine completely and remove the power supply out of the back of the server for 30 seconds or so. Again, hold down the eject button on restart and it ejected!!!

We are going to change to an external drive.