Can't Upgrade to latest revision of 11d

I have Version 11d - Revision 6235, SP3 and Hot Fix 38 installed. I ran Live Update and the log says it installed Hot Fix 39, but that you needed to reboot to complete the installation. I did reboot the server, but the Hot Fix 39 is not listed as an Installed Patch.


When running Live Update, it says all products are currently up to date, yet I know there is a Revision 7170 that is already up to SP4. I tried downloading Revision 7170 SP4, but it says you need Revision 7170 on your machine and I cannot find any upgrade patch file to go from 6235 to 7170 or any of the 7170 SP1 or SP2 files.


Any help would be appreciated.




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Re: Can't Upgrade to latest revision of 11d


You can grab build 7170 here



Then grab the latest drivers and SP4 from the downloads page here