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Can't browse Netware server

Getting error when trying to add new Netware server to backup list.  NW 6.5 SP8/patched.  8gb RAM


"An error was encountered while attempting to browse the contents of <servername>.  A memory allocation request failed.  The computer may be runnig low on virtual memory."


We backup another similar server just fine. 

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...Netware isn't supported by

...Netware isn't supported by BE 2014 at all (anymore). Refer to the TN below:

I suspect that even though it works on the other server it might be a fluke.


I failed to mention we're

I failed to mention we're using BU 2010 R2.


I did jsut correct by making sure SMDR and TSAFS were loading correclty on server.  They did not start auto, but I'll deal with that.  After starting those maually, I can browse and make backup



This is expected since SMDR

This is expected since SMDR is responsible for finding the loaded TSAs and the in turn, the TSA modules are responsible for showing (browsing) the filesystem and directories. TSAFS shows the file system and TSANDS shows the directory.
Was this a one-off occurence or do the TSAs don't start up automatically all the time ?


Not sure if one-off, as we

Not sure if one-off, as we just upgraded that box to SP8.  SP7 was crashing when the backup would start and we found that SP8 is supported.


I found that TSAFS was not running.  I tried to load and would not.  I ran SMSSTOP, but it wouldn't unload SMDR until VOLSMS was unloaded.  That is not in the script.  At point should it be added?  Here is the current order from smsstop.ncf:


unload QMAN
unload TSAFS
unload TSANDS
unload SMSDI
unload SMDR
unload SMSUT