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Can't duplicate selections of existing job?

Level 4

I have run into an extremely frustrating problem with Backup Exec 16. The ability to create and save file server selection lists was apparently removed as it had existed in BE2010.

There is also apparently no way to simply copy all the settings of an existing backup job into a new job, including the file selection lists of the original job.

In the section "Backup and Restore", using "Create a new backup using the settings of an existing backup" does not include the file selections of the existing job. Instead it clears those selections and changes it to "Everything selected".

The only way I have found to transfer those settings is to:

  1. "Create a new backup using the settings of an existing backup"
  2. Submit on hold
  3. Edit the settings of the original job, and look at the Selection Details tab
  4. Make a screenshot using the PrintScreen keyboard key
  5. Paste the clipboard into Windows Paint, and crop around the Selection Details
  6. Cancel out of editing the original job
  7. Edit the new job that is sitting on hold
  8. Edit the file selections of the new job, and use Windows Paint to go through and manually reconstruct the selections from the original job.

This is ridiculous.


Level 6

You can use the Backup Exec Command Line Interface (CLI)  or BEMCLI


Export-BEBackupDefinition Cmdlet
Export-BEBackupDefinition Help
C:\PS> Get-BEBackupDefinition "Backup 01" | Export-BEBackupDefinition >ExportedBackup01.ps1
C:\PS> Get-BEAgentServer "" | .\ExportedBackup01.ps1 -FileSystemSelection C:\Users\* | Save-BEBackupDefinition