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Can't find Veritas driver for HP MSL4048 tape library

Level 4
I have looked all over the Veritas/Symantec website and used multiple search engines. The Backup Exec server sees the library via Device Manager, but is installed with the HP driver. Backup Exec 10 sees the 2 tape drives installed in the library with the Veritas driver (ran the device configuration to do this), but as stand-alone drives. Will this work or do I need the library driver, and if I do does anyone know where I can find it?

Level 6
Are you using the latest Device Driver Installer from ?
The MSL4048 wasn't supported in the original release of BE10, so it needs the updated drivers.

Level 4
That installer is only compatible with version 10.1.5629. We are running version 10.0.5524 with Service Pack 2, Hotfixes 31, 32, & 33 installed.

I probably should have posted that in the original message.

Level 4
I was able to find the correct BackupExecDeviceDriverInstaller for my version. The filename was "BackupExecTapeDeviceDriverInstall_277619.exe"