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Can't restore Exchange Data to one new server

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I want to restore Exchange Data to one new server, so I installed the same OS with former Exchange Server OS, and the PC's name and IP are the same as former server.

I backup former Exchange server's system state and Microsoft Information Store. First, I restore system state to new server and reboot server, it is fine, and then I want to restore Microsoft Information Store to new server, it will show one error(such as attachment:ex.jpg), I want to start some services of new server according to this error prompt, but I found I can't start them. For example, it will show ns01.jpg when I start Microsoft Exchange Information Store service. According to this prompt, I found its dependence service is Microsoft Exchange System Attendant, so I start it, but it showed ns02.jpg.

Note: I didn't found the path of Exchange server, such as C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\*.


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Why not simply duplicate the backup to disk. You'll be left with the *.edb and other associated files and this will allow you to mount within Exchange.

If you don't try the restore, do Exchange's services start up correctly?

Read the article below, specifically the first part on how to duplicate to disk...



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Do you have Intelligent Disaster Recovery available for the specific server? That will make the restore of the server a lot easier. It will recover the server to the same state as it was before, without all the manual labour you did now.


If you restore a system state, it is wise to restore the entire system partition. All files and directories that are linked to in the registry willl then match the situation as it was before. A new installation has the risk of being differnet (ie. version/patch and location).

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"Do you have Intelligent Disaster Recovery available for the specific server?"------Please tell me the details, I want to do it, thanks.

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Having the Information Store service started before the restore is a pre-requisite...

Have you looked at these KBs for issues with the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant not statrting:

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You can refer to the IDR chapter in the Admin Guide which can be found in the BE installation directory.