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Can't restore a file from a Backup-To-Disk Device

Level 2
Hello All,
I am trying to restore a file from a Backup to Disk file that I have previously created, and am having a problem.
Backup Exec 11d for Windows Server is telling me that the media required to complete the restore job includes a DLT tape.  The backup was created on a Backup to Disk device that I configured.
Why is this happening?  This makes me nervious about being able to use the Backup to Disk backups to do any kind of restore.  Have I set something up incorrectly in the B2D job?  When backing up, I never get asked to load a tape in order to start the  backup job, but yet when I try to restore a file from the job I am asked to insert Media {media s/n} which is a tape.
Background info:
OS: Windows 2003 SBS - SP2
BE ver: 11d / 11.0 / Rev 7170 / SP 2 + Hot Fix 36
Tape drive: USB 500GB
Thanks in advance for any post.

Level 6
When you create your restore job, do yo point it specifically at the B2D device, or just let it default to "All Pools"
(Not that this should make any difference)