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Can't schedule backup for this Sunday!?

Level 3


I'm trying to create a new backup schedule, which will run a full backup every Sunday, and a differential backup Monday - Saturday. However, when I submit the new backup job, it schedules itfor weeks ahead in the future!

The backup schedule says:


Run according to schedule

Start no earlier than 02:00:00 and no later than 04:59:59
Make the schedule go into effect on 05/02/2010

Schedule backup to run

On Sunday of the first week
On Sunday of the second week
On Sunday of the third week
On Sunday of the fourth week
On Sunday of the last week

Submit job on hold: No

So the next scheduled backup should be: Sunday 7th February @ 2:00am, but looking at the job monitor it shows 07/03/2010 02:00, which is a month away! I can't seem to get it to schedule for this Sunday, it randomly picks some date in the future, so far I've had 14/02/2010, 28/02/2010, and now 07/03/2010!

Schedule summary:

P.S. Forgot to mention, I'm running Windows Server 2003 Small Business Edition SP2 with Backup Exec 11d rev 7170 SP5


Level 5
BackupExec scheduling can get confused.  what you need to do is set the job to run at the specific time you want (not by schedule), then go back into it and set the schedule up again, and then the job will be properly scheduled.

I cannot tell you how frustrated I have been with this problem, but once you figure out the run at a specific time then reschedule trick, it works all right!