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Can you backup the Settings within BE15

I am currently running BE15 on MS server 2012 R2 and with little experience would like to ask is there a way to backup all of the settings and jobs within the Job Monitor, just in case I loose BE15 due to a crash/hard drive failure.

 Thanks in advance for your time.


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Re: Can you backup the Settings within BE15

The Backup Exec SQL database BEDB holds all the jobs, history, and most of the settings.

Backup Exec backs this up internally every day to \Backup Exec\Data\bedb.bak.

The other important part is the \Catalogs folder. This is all your restore selections to restore data without re-catalog in case of a disaster.

Some customer copy the bedb.bak and catalogs to a alternate location using a batch file or Windows Task schedular. There are different ways to protect the \Data and \Catalogs folders.

The Catalogs folder can be large in size.

SDR can also protect the media server.

Performing manual disaster recovery for Backup Exec 2014, 15 and 16

How to do a manual Backup and Restore of Backup Exec (BEDB) database

How to recover the Backup Exec Database from the BEDB backup file

You may also want to look at Backup Exec command line Powershell Export-BEBackupDefinition Cmdlet


Re: Can you backup the Settings within BE15

Thanks Steve, will take a look.