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Cannot Get Logon Account to Work

Level 4

We had Backup Exec 12 working running all services as Local System and having the one Logon Account running as the local administrator.   This was for a backup of local drives with no remote agent.    Group policy on our network now forbids a local administrator account.    As a result, all Backup Exec jobs fail since they cannot run in the security context of the local administrator.


I tried to create a new default logon account with a domain user who is in the local administrators group.   This user submits jobs and they always fail with authentication errors.    Any theories on why this would be happening?   I specified the user's name as\user.


To be honest, I would strongly prefer for local backups to just forgo the need to specify any user at all.   How can I specify the local system account as the logon account for job submission?   I tried to create a new logon user with the format hostname\nt_system but this account also fails with the same authentication error whenever you bind it to a profile and then use that in a backup job.


At this point I have no way to backup anything on this computer.   I really need help here.


The documentation for the logon account user interfaces is terrible in Backup Exec 12.   The user interface for creating the logon interface is also quite bad.   It doesn't even have a place to specify a domain, which forces the user to deal with the minutia of syntax about how this must be specified.


Level 4
Has anyone succeeded in getting any Backup Exec 12 backup job to run as the Local SYSTEM account, and if yes what is the exact string you entered for the logon name?   I cannot get the proper syntax.