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Cannot append to the tape

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I am using backup exec 2012. I am very very new to the product. I am trying to to look around to solve my problems but I got almost get crazy now. So, I need someone step by step help me to solve the problem.

I have a tape backup schedule for 1 server and 1 job : Full on Sun and incremental on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri.

Full set as: keep the data for 2 weeks, append for 6 days, when this job begin: overwrite

Incremental set as: Keep the data for 2 weeks, append for 6 day, when this job begin: append to the media, verwrite if no appendable is vailable.

On Sun, the full backup run successful.. That tape is keep on the tape until Mon and when the incremental starts it ask me for the new tape. I read around this forum and they talked about scrash media, but I am so confuse about. Please help.


Level 4
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Check out the video in this article. It should help answering your question:

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