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Cannot connect to Remote Agent (no trusted connection)

Level 4

2 of the Win7 Workstations refused to install the remote agent via push install - the famous 1603 error.

So, I did a manual install.

Trying to create a backup job for one of these workstations does not work.

The Logon-Account-dialog pops up constantly saying that the system-login-account is incorrect. But the account has definitely adminstrator-rights and correct password.

Also, I get a box saying that the trusted connection could not be established. Problem should be an incorrect time/date setting.

But the workstation and server have identical time/date values. The workstation even get's the information via ntp from the server

The workstation also has a correct DNS-entry

One thing I found: the trusted connection listed in the BE Agent utility had a date in the past, so I deleted it.

But how can I create a new one ?


Level 4

Okay, no success.

The BE Remote Agent has been re-installed; again no certificate

And BE Server tells me something about a certificate on client OR server which is not valid

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Level 4

None of the methods work -I am sorry.

Meth  - adding to favourite resources / browsing domain / adding user-defined selections

First message box says, the agent coudl not be checked -> yes, I want to trust this computer

Next box say, a trusted connection could not be established, because the certificate for client OR server is not valid. Eventually time and date could not be synchronized

Meth - using the RemoteAgents Utility

I removed the already stored information and added the media server again;

using the ip-adress and an administrators account let's the servers name flash for part of a second in the window, then it dissappears again - no error message, no sign of a certificate, no media server listed